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Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi Everyone!! I've finally decided to create a business card for my blog! I posted a poll about this on Independent Fashion Bloggers, and I've finally decided to do it. I attend a lot of  fashion events and would really love to have something to handout to vendors, designers, and magazine editors.  I would love your opinions on the following designs and wording. Here are my current options:

1. Do you think they are too wordy?
2. What are your opinions on the information?
3. Do you like the colors? I tried to stay with the same theme and colors as my blog page.
4. Do you think I should do front and back design, and put the email and link on the back??

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  1. I love the design!But I think you should remove the text underneath your link.

  2. nice logo! i like the second card.i agree with Alina, i think it's best if you remove the text under your link. I'ts more elegant.


  3. Hi Ladies! Thanks for your suggestions! I agree about moving the wording. Should I leave my email? Maybe I could put the email addy on the back?

  4. I like the design. Like the girls above, I'm not the biggest fan of the words below the link, but I wonder if there will be too much blank space on the card if you take them off. Maybe a bigger font?

    Either way, I want one when they're done ;)

  5. Thanks Amy! I'm thinking of just leaving Style & Fashion tips, and taking out the need help planning an outfit! I will be sure to display my final layout once it's done! I appreciate all the feedback!

  6. Have you made blog card by hand or take some help from others?
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