Tan and Green Plaid

Thursday, March 03, 2011

Pants: NY&Co
Vest: NY&Co
Top: NY&Co
Watch: Michael Kors
Shoes: Connie (Famous Footwear)

Once again I'm pulling from the archives of my clothes and still trying to make these bigger clothes work.  I love shopping and I love fashion, but I'm definitely a frugalista, and spending a lot of money on a whole new wardrobe because I've lost 30 lbs has turned out to be extensive and expensive. I was my old weight for a long time, so I have years of "bigger-size" clothing and only a few bins of smaller clothes. So slowly but surely I'm building up my wardrobe, but in the mean time I need to make these older pieces work.

For my vest, it actually has a built in belt in the back to cinch it along the waist, so I safety pinned it at it's farthest pull over point so it actually fit.

For my pants I added another hole to the belt to keep them up. They still look baggy and folded along the hip line, so I think I like the outfit combination with wearing the shirt un-tucked (to hide the bagginess) as opposed to tucked in. If this was a tailored suit, tucked in would definitely be the way to go!!

As far as the color scheme the stripes in the tan vest and pants are a dark green, so I picked a dark green top to pull out the subtle green stripes in the plaid design.

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  1. hey fellow 20 something IFBer!

    Congrats on losing 30 lbs!! That's awesome. You should look to getting the older pieces you still like altered so you not only can keep wearing them but don't have to spend money on new clothes just the alterations:)

  2. Hi! Thanks for following! I love your advice! I've been thinking about what to do because I really love my old clothes and I don't want to just "throw/give" them away, so I think I will start a "to be altered" pile :-)

  3. That is a good idea to alter the clothes, but sometimes it can get really expensive ! Well, in a matter of time you will build a new wardrobe.

  4. I think I'll start out with my most loved pieces as far as alterations, probably can't do everything, but at least my favs!

  5. wow! congrats on losing 30lbs!! what an accomplishment. (isn't it crazy that there's a downsize to losing weight?! Clothing is so expensive!)
    I like the bagginess of the pants. Kinda Urban Outfitters style, Annie Hall. The vest and pants are just super cute overall. A fedora would be pretty cute accessory too :)

    just started following you today :) I saw your topic post on IFB. good simple topic- I went right to it.
    i would be honored if you would follow my blog and give me input on my oufits every now and again. You have great style!

  6. Hi KellyAnn!,

    Thanks for the feedback and the follow. I'm always looking to follow blogs of those that share their own personal style, and I just followed your blog! It will be cool to input on each other's outfits!


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