Spring Trenchcoat

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Pants: H&M
Flats: Payless
Bowtie Top: New York and Company
Trench: Steve Madden (Macy's)
Flower: Flowers from Fatima
Bracelet: Gift

Well these pants are a result of shopping in my own closet. Not only did I transition my Spring clothes into my wardrobe and packed away my winter clothes for the season, but I also went through my small clothes bin and put on these pants that I used to wear all the time.  I knew that I wanted to wear a shirt tucked in and my intial thought process was to wear a button down, but then I passed this shirt in my closet, and noticed the black in the top, and thought it would be a great compliment to the pants. Yet these are those type of pants that you can't wear with heels, because they fall a little too high for my liking, so I grabbed my gold-toned flats from payless, and my spring trench, and ran out the door! :-) 

As a side note these were the hardest pants to IRON! I swear I was ironing them for 30 mins this morning and still couldn't get all the creases out, and then after sitting in the office all day, they were wrinkly again :-(...


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  1. I love this outfit! I love trenches and bow blouses, that must be why :)

    Today I was even looking for a blouse pattern that ties like that. No luck, but another day hopefully!

    Take care! -jane

  2. cute top! i love the tie at the neck. love the gold flats too.
    Iron - what is that? i think i own one somewhere. you're great for even attempting to iron :) i hang stuff in the bathrm during the shower -totally ghetto

  3. @Lovemakesthegirl - I'm famous for wearing pieces I've had for years! I can't even remember when I purchased this shirt! lol

    @KellyAnn - hahaha,I've actually tried the steam in the shower trick, and have never gotten it to work for me!


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