New Hair Cut

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dress: Mossimo (Target)
Pumps: Payless
Handbag: JcPenny
Earrings: Mint Boutique

How to dress-up simple, you ask?  Easy! This rather plain, but cute t-shirt dress doesn't really do much on it's own, but paired with a few great accessories (earrings, purse, & shoes) this outfit comes alive.  In my last blog post, Blogger Awards, my number one interesting fact about me, was that I liked to wear wigs.  I was wearing a short wig in my NCAA post, and decided to cut my real hair into a similar style. Why? Because it's Springtime and even when it's long, I only ever wore it in ponytails, or under wigs, so why not just keep it short!? I love my new cut!

Here is a zoom in of my great $8.00 pair of earrings.  I wasn't wearing any foundation, so it's weird that my face looks ORANGE! ahaha. Maybe it was just the flash.

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  1. Love the hair!!! Outfit's cute,too.

  2. great new do! totally ready for spring in TX :)
    those earrings rock!

  3. Thanks everyone! I definitely wanted a different look, and this is perfect for the weather here!!

  4. Very cute bag! It does spice up the dress a bit more.


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