WHAT I WORE: Miss Sixty Peep-Toe Booties

Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Skirt: Don't Remember Had For Years
Peeptoe Booties: Miss Sixty (Burlington)
Belt: NY&Co
Top: Gift (H&M)

I just bought these shoe booties over lunch yesterday at Burlington and really wanted to wear them today...so I did! This is usually how I put together my outfits and I know I've brought this up before. I usually pick one item that I want to wear and them compile everything to work with that item! This is a very different look for me! These Miss Sixty booties inspired me to wear my skirt that reminds me of a poodle skirt. I love this belt and I've been looking for a way to wear with an outfit. I love that it doesn't go with the overall color scheme at all, allowing it to stand out!! Though I wanted to wear the boots, I'm fine with the belt standing out! :-)

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  1. Hey :) loving the outfit shots, i try to take outfit shots too, if you're interested please take a look :) xx


  2. Hi lee-lee , I checked out your blog, and those are the type of blogs i'm interested in following. Personal Style Blogs! Make sure you join my fan list


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