The Best Accessories Are Cheap

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

So there's a Burlington Coat Factory near my job, and sometimes over lunch, I'll eat quickly and then peruse this store. What I love about places like Burlington, Marshall's and TJ Maxx are the prices they have on designer items.  Only qualm is they don't have a lot of "sizes" and the racks seem to go on FOREVER! So one could feel overwhelmed shopping in these stores, but I don't mind. Take time out to look for really great finds. 

Anyway I've been in the need for skinny belts. I've always wanted to wear a skinny belt around a cardigan...but I actually don't own "cute" skinny belts.  But why pay an arm and a leg for a belt? When I can buy 3 for under $10 each at Burlington! I also bought a wide-band snap belt, in a great neutral off-white color for the Spring ($7.99)!! The Lulu belts came 2 for $9.99. I finally own my first leopard print belt (a staple for any woman's wardrobe).

While in line, ready to buy my belts, I noticed bins full of colorful bracelets!!

I am ALL about cheap accessories, one because I manage to lose them all the time, and if I spend an arm and a leg on a bracelet or pair of earrings  and I lose it, I would be upset! LOLOL. Anyway so don't forget about stores like Charlotte Russe (you may think you've grown out of this store, but check them out the prices are great), or what you can find at a cash-wrap at Burlington. I think these bracelets are really fun for Spring, and single strands are $.99, if they're grouped together they may be $2.99. I purchased these 3, can't wait to wear them with an earth-tone attire:

I'm planning to go back and buy white, purple, yellow, and maroon ones!

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  1. inexpensive accessories are the only way to go. its such a great way to keep up with trends without spending a crazy amount of money.
    burlington near your work is dangerous. i would go way too often!

  2. It is VERY dangerous! I definitely go way too often!!! I totally agree, you don't have to pay a lot to get a lot! :-)


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