THE EVENT: Bayou City Arts Festival

Monday, March 28, 2011

Dress: Wish Boutique
Sandals: Target
Over-the-Shoulder Bag: NY&Co
Shades: Fendi

Yesterday was the perfect day to attend an arts festival. At least here in Houston.  It was definitely a HOT one yesterday, but still nowhere near what the temperatures will be in July/August! I just purchased this dress last weekend, and thought it was the perfect dress for an Arts Festival. The colors are very festive and artsy.  I had lots of fun walking around and looking at the art with my friends. I can't wait until I own a house, then I can actually buy some of these pieces to display! :-)


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  1. Looks like you girls had a ton of fun. This is so cool and I love the outfits, TOO cute!


  2. I'm in love with the dress, Shasie! The color, the stripes, the shape. Very pretty!

    And it looks like you had fun :) I'd like to go to an arts festival in the future!

  3. Hi Ladies!

    Yes we had a blast! Lucky for us they do this particular arts festival twice a year, so I can't wait to return this Fall!

  4. Your dress is so pretty!! I want it! It's so colourful it makes me happy clappy :D
    The festival looks like lots of fun. The tree guy in the last pic is amazing!

  5. I love your dress! Vertical stripes are so great! Also I love the look of the puffed sleeves on you! I can't pull that off at all.

    I'm excited for the arts festival here, but it's not until summer!

    - Meanz (Koi Story)

  6. @Joey - haha, I like that term: Happy Clappy!

    @Meanz - Thanks!

  7. Love your blog header! Very nice blog and I love the dress,,,

  8. I love your dress, you're right, very artsy and festive :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  9. @LV - Thanks! My computer genius friend helped me with it!

    @Sanam - Thanks!

  10. that striped dress is FABULOUS! looks perfect for warm weather. you guys must have had so much fun. it looks like a cool festival :)


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