Nocona Boots

Monday, February 28, 2011

Pants: NY&Co
Boots: Nocona Brand (Cavender's Boot City)
Vest: NY&Co
Tank: Express
Bracelet: Gift
Necklace: Gift

Before I wear my new "Cowgirl" boots to the rodeo for hours on end, I needed to break them in. What better way to break in a new pair of shoes than at work? At least at my job, where I have the option to sit every now and then being in an office environment. Breaking in shoes in an environment that is standing only, leads to sore footsies later!! Anyway, I really love these boots and I wanted to wear this vest with I did. I'm not too happy with the pants, as they are my old pants and are way too big for me now, but I tried to still make it work, with a "Wide Leg Pants" affect?? I don't know if I achieved it too well...lolol 


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  1. I like the boots and you definitely pulled off the look with wide pants. I know it would look great with slimmer pants as well.

  2. nice pictures . Next time wear a tight jeans and tuck them into the shoe as these pictures don't really accent the shoe well.

  3. Down here in Texas, we wear them both ways :-)


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