Military Dress

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Military Dress: Express
Shoes: Target
Pantyhose: CVS
Earrings: NY&Co

Sorry for the lack of blog posts. My grandmother recently passed away, and I've been busy dealing with that, and getting back into the swing of things.  Also my birthday recently past, but I had to postpone my party til next week due to "bad" weather, but trust me there will definitely be a post with my birthday outfit on the day of!! I have so many friends with birthdays in February and tonight was no exception. I went out for my co-worker's birthday, and chose to wear this new dress that I just bought today! hahaha.  I love this dress, it's very flattering for lots of figures!!


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  1. What a nice dress. I love the red shoes with it. It appears to be very slimming and comfortable.

  2. I should get you a shirt dress!


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