Happy Holidays

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Skirt: H&M
Tights: Hue Brand (Macy's)
Shoe Booties: Payless
Vest: Express (Circa 3 years ago...lol)
Sleeveless Turtleneck: Deb

I've decided to make it a tradition for taking pictures in front of the work Christmas Tree as long as I'm working in our  Sales office. Luckil- I have fun co-workers that are willing to take my picture :-).  I have to tell you that I have been struggling putting together outfits with this weight-loss, because none of my clothes fit! Even the clothes I save that I was too big for before, are now too big, sooo my closet became limited real quick!! So guess what I'm asking for for Christmas!?!? Store gift cards, massive shopping trip coming up, once I loose the rest of my 10 lbs!!!  I think I'll have to get some of my clothes altered because there are just some items I love too much to give away!!

I've been wanting to wear this particular pair of tights for awhile, but I couldn't think of an outfit to pair with them, so I spent yesterday morning experimenting with different bottoms to match, and this second pencil skirt from H&M won. Then I just needed to find a top to match the skirt.  At first I had on a cream turtleneck, but it just didnt' mesh, so I tried the black one---perfection. Last but not least, I was also tearing through my bins of winter clothes yesterday morning because it was only going to be a high of 54 yesterday, and I found my sequin jacket.  I was actually just putting it on because it had been awhile since I've worn it....and viola...I liked it with the outfit. So you guys can see there is no method to this madness when I put together an outfit!!


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