Nail Polish Picks for Fall

Friday, November 12, 2010

So I don't know about y'all, but everytime I walk into a drugstore, grocery store, or any where else where they carry OPI Nail Polish, I end up buying one! Literally everytime, and I barely have had the color I already have on my nails on for more than 24 hrs. But I can't help it. The colors in their collections are so nice, I just want to wear them all. So I've decided to try wearing a different color every week.  Right now I'm sporting Borgata Blackberry from the South American Collection. 

Now the great thing about, is you can go to their "try on this color" page, and pick a hand color that is close to your own, and see what all the colors would look like on your skin tone. If you have a smartphone, as in an iphone, or similar device, they also have a mobil application for trying on their nail polish color. So if you are in debate in the store on which color to get, pop out your application and see for yourself what looks the best.  Here are my pics for the Fall Winter Season.

Everyday Wear

For the Holiday Party
I love everything in the new Burlesque collection inspired by the movie starring Cher and Christina Aguilera that comes out November 24th.  That girl can sing, and she's from my hometown of Pittsburgh, so not only will I be seeing that movie, but I'm sure I'll be sporting some Burlesque Collection Colors, my fav so far being the ones I have in the red box:
Simmer and Shimmer, Show-it & Glow-it, & Sparkle-licious


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