Fall Trending - Over-The-Knee (OTK) Boots

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Top: Express
Tank: NY&Co
Leggings: Jean Leggings Express
Boots:  Colin Stuart for Victoria Secret

I am not opposed to the OTK trend for the fall. I feel if the right pair are ordered and the boots are worn properly, you can avoid looking like you have a nighttime job...Honestly, they are just so darn cute! And they really fit in well with the military trend. I love them, and will probably order some more before the end of the year in an array of colors! Trying wearing them with leggings, riding pants, ultra skinny jeans, and jean leggings.  If you are going to wear them with a short skirt, or a pair of shorts, I might suggest adding a pair of tights, depending on the type of OTKs you own. These ones do not have a stiletto heel, and are not the skin tight stretch kind, so you could probably get away with wearing these with shorts/skirts w/o tights, and it would be classy.

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