Fall Trending - LACE

Monday, November 01, 2010

Pants: Editor Original - Flare Leg - Express
Lace Tank: NY &Co
Tank:  Black Body Shaper NY&Co
Jacket:  Don't Remember but  the brand is A. Byer (some dept. store I'm sure)
Necklace: Express

Lace is trending everywhere for the fall. From shirts, to shoes, to panty hose, to shorts.  I like lace, but not in a girly frilly way, but in a more subdued version, as in tops that I can wear cami's under and blazers and vests over.  The good thing about this trend, is it may be really big for this fall, but I feel that my subtle lace pieces, like this tank, can be worn year after year.  Typically most people layer in the fall, from longsleeve tees over tanks, to sweaters over tanks, so I know I'll always have a way to wear this tank top.  You may see some pictures of lace tops, that are see-through and girls just wearing their bras underneath...I'm not a fan of that look. I feel unless you are at a pool in a bathing suit, your undergarments should never be exposed.  You won't catch this chica in a see-through top with no cami! :-)


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