Graphic Tees at Work

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pants: NY&Co
Graphic Tee: Express
Cardigan: Express
Shoes: The Shoe Department
Earrings: Vendor at Shecky's Girls' Night Out
Belt: Payless

Get rid of the button-down shirt blues, and go to work with a graphic tee!! I recently purchased some graphic tees from Express, and I figured...why just wear them for casual wear with jeans?? So I decided to go for it and jazz it up a little bit for work! I paired the graphic tee with slacks that pulls out the main color of the petals, a cute figure flattering cardigan, and a belt. As far as the shoes I did not intentially set out to match the shoes to the color of the shirt, but I was instantly drawn to this pair of pumps...and just looked...well darn good! Though, a pair of black pumps also would have sufficed.


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  1. Aww love the way she or you styled this Tee.. I am about doing a post on my blog ( on styling Tess to work and I really didn't come up with this amongst the 8 looks I have out together so far.. Way to go..xx


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