Fashion Expert

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Skirt: Express
Boots: Nine West Tubbs
Tank: Express
Belt: Random Black Belt
Necklace: NY&C

Right now I am training to be Fashion Expert at Express.  Being a Fashion Expert at Express means I have to dress up above the rest of the other employess and be able to style customers quickly and offer Fashion Advice.  LIke this is my ideal job! I could never wear something like this to the office, so I take every advantage of being able to dress up for Express!! Of course working 5+ hrs these shoes start to hurt, so I always have to bring an extra pair of shoes that match my outfit for a quick change act.  Not to mention bandaids on the edge of the pinky toe and big toe help protect blisters by stopping the rubbing of your feet against the edge of the shoes.  Dr. Scholls shoe inserts also help. I've discovered that the main part of my foot that hurts the most is the ball of my foot, so I'm pretty ok with the scholl's ball of foot inserts. I've tried the whole shoe ones (the ones that say one size fits all....clearly not) they end up being to short and they feel uncomfortable. So I just use the heel insert or the ball of foot insert. You can pick these up in any drugstore, walmart, target, etc. 


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