Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Song: Welcome to Atlanta - Jermaine Dupri and Co
Shoes:  Marciano for Guess (Macy's)
Skirt:  NY&Co
Top:  Express
Belt:  NY&Co
Earrings: Don't remember

Well continuing on with my mixing prints I thought I'd try again today. This one isn't as dramatic because both the skirt and the top are plaid, but just different colors and different size squares.  The skirt is plaid but because of the pale color of the squares and the dark color of the background of the skirt, it's not that noticeable. From a distance one might think I was wearing a solid color skirt.  And if you are one of those to follow trends, plaid is a huge trend for fall this season.  I've had this shirt for over a year, sooooo go figure, but anyway I might pick up a plaid shirt dress though...they look cute :-P


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  1. I like the look. The belt is a great accessory and really pulls the look together nicely.


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