3 Looks, One Night

Friday, September 17, 2010

Dress: Express
Knee Socks: NY&Co
Ankle Boots: Payless
Belt:  NY&Co
Without the Leather Vest: H&M
Flip Flops: Express
Vest:  NY&Co
Clutch: Express

In one night, I wore this dress 3 different ways.   First I wore the first look to Fashion night out.  I think I've now shown you guys 5,000 different ways to wear that (without) the leather vest from H&M!! But then I decided that walking around the Galleria mall in those ankle boots might start to hurt and I was planning to out after the festivities at the mall...so I packed my gold flip flops from Express.  This was way more comfortable than the ankle boots. Then in between going the mall and going out I changed vests. Even though the faux leather vest was sleeveless, I still had it on all day, and I just felt it was time to change it up, so I wore one of my work vests. Funny thing about "work" clothes is you can manipulate them into going out clothes, like so!!


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