Yellow & Brown

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dress:  Target (tube dress)
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson (Macy's)
Cardigan:  New York & Company
Continuing on with my "Susie Workmaker" trend, this was my outfit for work today.  I must say I thought this one in advance, as I had a company work function to go to after work today at a nice restaurant with some upper managers and I wanted to look nice.  The dress is very comfy. It's a tube dress and it has a built in elastic band to help support it from falling down. It snaps inside the back like a bra.  Of course I still do not like wearing tube tops/dresses with strapless bras, as they are most annoying for me.  I still wear reg bras and hide the straps, with cardigans.  I originally had the belt around the dress, but then it was pretty hidden by the cardigan so I moved it to the outside.


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