Wednesday, July 14, 2010

I think I've discovered that it might be better to take my pictures BEFORE I go to work.  After sitting in my chair all day in my jailcell sized office, my clothes are pretty wrinkly.  The theme pretty much for the rest of the summer is trying to stay cool.  Literally I can't stand to have anything on my arms right now, but this makes your wardrobe very limited. Most companies do not want you to just wear spaghetti strapped tank tops to work...if I could I would! So try and look for heavier sleeved tank tops like this one, or tops with capped sleeves, just to feel more appropriate.  And always make sure your bra straps aren't showing or slipping out the sides...that's not a good look for work. If you find that your straps keep sliding out from your top, try safety pinning them to your shirt...problem solved!

Pants:  New York & Company
Top: Don't Remember
Necklace:  NY&Co

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