Funky Feet

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Shoes:  Nine West
Socks:  Black Knee High Tights
Skirt:  Not sure, and I don't want to false quote
Tank:  Express
So I've decided to get on a budget with shopping. Over the last few years I've been spending hundreds on clothes, always wearing new outfits everday and never repeating...I have realized that I cannot live like this forever...ahaha. So I've cut back on my shopping.  When one cuts back on their shopping, you soon find that that wardrobe that used to have everything is very limited.  Now I have to find ways to wear pieces that I have worn before in different ways.  You may have noticed that some items of clothes are starting to repeat in this blog.  This is actually good for those of you who do not go out and buy new outfits every weekend before you go out. This will show you how to make your own closet more versatile.  Changing it up is as easy as adding an elaborate accessory, changing your hair, or doing something funky with your shoes as you see in my pics above.

I'm not going to claim to fame this shoe look.  Right before I went out last night, I received my bebe flyer from the mailbox, and every model had on some type of outfit with knee high socks inside their shoes.  I absolutely loved the looks!! Of course, not being a model, and not having the whole bebe wardrobe available for a photoshoot, I invented my own look.  I've had this skirt for years, but now it looks different! I had bought this tank for the cruise, and thought I'd never wear it again....lo and behold it fit this outfit perfectly!!!


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