Friday Night Lights

Saturday, July 10, 2010

After work, I went with my co-worker to see the movie Eclipse for the 2nd time...I'm sure there will be at least 3 more viewings of this movie in the theater before it's no longer showing.  Then after that I went to Straits Restaurant in Houston's City Centre to meet my friends for Happy Hour. 

From there we all decided to go out, and since I was still in my work clothes from 6am till about 9pm, I had to go home and change. It was so hot yesterday, and I was feeling pretty gross. Sooo this was my outfit to go out :-)  We had a great time, went to this place called Brix (my first time) a chill bar with dancing on Washington. I'm starting to realize that all the spots on Washington are exactly the same! ahahah.  Then we went to Max's Wine Dive to get some grub around 1am.   Food was amazing!!!

Long day for me, being up since 6am!!! I definitely passed out later!!! 

Top:  Express
Shorts:  NY&Co
Headband Scarf:  Don't Remember
Shoes:  Me Too (DSW)
Ring:  Sassy Sweets Boutique at Houston Women's Show
Watch:  Michael Kors

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