Day 6 & 7- Sailing Day and Last Moment on Ship

Friday, July 02, 2010

Last Day on the Ship - -An all cruise day...there were tons of things I wanted to for our last sailing day on the ship. There were nooks and crannies on the ship that I never saw until this the card room and the library.  So I roamed around Friday morning by myself for awhile, while my partners in crime slept in.  I went to a napkin folding class, a fitness seminar and some other things. I knew I would be meeting them at the pool eventually, so I just threw on my bathing suit with a cover up to roam around the ship.

Cover-Up:  Target
Bathing Suit:  Macy's
Necklace:  NY&Co

Later for dinner I changed into my last summer dress...This dress is pretty interesting because it has "darts" right on the chest...might have made me look "nipply" , but I WASN'T! lol
Dress:  Target
Jacket: White House | Black Market
Flip-Flops:  J. Crew
Overshoulder bag:  Target
Necklace:  Vendor in Cozumel Mexico the first time I went!!
Headband:  NY&Co

Then for our last night out on the ship, I pulled out my sparkly showstopper!

Dress: Express
Shoes:  Payless

It was so cute because between Friday night and Saturday Morning (when we got off the ship) we were scrambling around to get pictures with all of our attendants on the cruise.  We stayed ordering drinks from Jefferson (who we nick-named Jeffrey) and took a picture with him at the end of the "Good-Bye" show.

At dinner earlier we took a picture with our waitstaff, Manoj and Caesar!

And last but not least I snagged a picture with our stateroom attendant right before getting off the ship.  Fernando!!
Shorts:  NY&Co
Top:  NY&Co
Jean Jacket:  NY&Co

What a great trip!! I can't wait for my next vacation!!


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