Bahama Mama Dress - Boys Night

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Last night it was boys' night!! I went out with my co-worker and his 8 guy friends.  Pretty funny night...boy the stuff that comes out of men's mouths is so ridiculous!!!  I wasn't even going to go out last night, but I took a nap and ended up getting a second wind around midnight, and grabbed my new dress that I bought that day and my boots and ran out the door.   Let's just say going out with a bunch of boys, is definitely a different experience than going out with your girlfriends.  The stuff they say is sooo hilarious, and watching them check out girls...ahahaha I was highly entertained. After the clubs closed we went to this Mexican place on Sheperd and Richmond...don't remember the name, and there I was provided  with additional entertainment from my co-worker and his 2 friends...ahahaha great night!


Dress:  Target
Boots:  Tubbs (Nine West)
Vest:  H&M


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