Dissecting an Outfit

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Have you ever been late to work because something didn't look right? Well today was DEFINITELY one of those days, this final look, was the result of 4 outfit and iron changes this morning. Nothing was coming together the way I wanted it to! lol.  So this was the final look, and this was the beginning: Basic Lace Top Camisole and Plaid Pattern skirt. 

Needless to say, I couldn't just go to work in this camisole, and this is where I ran into issues.  For instance it's 90+ degrees everyday, so what do you wear to cover your arms, that you won't pass out in??  The answer really is nothing, but you make do with short trips outside to air-conditioned safety zones...such as my car...lol.  I tried on many shirts, jackets, and blazers, and this purple one is the last one I grabbed. For fun what the heck...I have featured this blazer before, it doesn't have a clasp in the front to button it close, so I safety pinned it across the middle.  Sorry I chopped part of my head off...teehee

Not wanting the safety pins to show I grabbed a belt.  One would think I would opt for the black belt, but I had the maroon one on standby from numerous outfit changes prior.  I threw it on and I liked it...As far as the shoes, they pick up the beige lines in the dark skirt which are hard to see in these pictures.

Shoes:  The Shoe Department
Skirt:  NY&Co
Camisole:  Charlotte Russe
Blazer:  Express
Watch:  NY&Co

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