Day 4 - Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

Monday, June 28, 2010

On Day 4, we docked at Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands.  Because we were touring all day I wore tennis shoes. I have to say this isn't one of my favorite outfits because I feel that the shoes ruined the outfit.  Cute flip-flops would have been so much better, but I wasn't sure how much walking we were going to be doing, so to be comfy I opted for these high-tops. In hind site I guess I could a packed a pair of canvas shoes, etc or something...but there's only so much a girl can pack!!

Romper:  Express
Hat:  Target
Shoes:  Nike (Lady Foot Locker)
Bathing Suit:  Macy's

Then it was time to get on the beach and in that pretty clear water. A trip to Cayman Islands is not complete without seeing 7-mile beach...

Upon returning to the ship I changed into this romper. It's so comfy! It's just annoying when you have to go to the bathroom, because you have to unbutton all the buttons in the front.

Romper:  Target
Headband:  Not sure

Then it was finally time for dinner.  I really love this dress. It's so unique. I love the two different patterns.  I ended up returning these shoes. They are very cute, but just WAY too uncomfortable.  So I returned them...still in need of white sandals for the summer...:-(
Dress:  Target
Shoes:  Bakers

This day I caught awesome pictures of the sunset from the ship:


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