Thursday, May 27, 2010

Today I went to work, but didn't really feel like dressing up. So I wore this, but instead I had on brown pumps.  I changed into the gray flats to go to a HHH (House Happy Hour) after work and be more casual.  I like this outfit, but I have to say when you have a larger chest, it's better to leave these types of vests open.  These vest come in around the chest area but have less and less fabric in the front as they go down. Buttoning this can make you appear pregnant from the side especially if you have a bigger posterior.  Of course I didn't notice this till I passed the bathroom at work... and I didn't want to have bra straps and tank straps showing at work, so I had to keep my vest closed because when it was open it would fly away.

But now that I'm home, I'm leaving the vest open, and I just safety-pinned the vest to the shirt at the straps, so now the straps are always covered, but I don't have to look preggers... But oh live and learn right!? I still love the vest, I'll just only be wearing it open from now on!

Jeans:  Old Navy
Flats:  American Eagle (Payless)
Body Shaper: New York & Company
Vest:  Target
Sunglasses: New York & Company

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