My Skybar Outfit Pics

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Last night I went to the Skybar, and they had the promoter camera people going around taking pics.  First here is the pic of me and my girlfriends...Great Shot!! 

I do like going to parties, because I like to see what all the other girls are wearing. If I see something I like I'll try and mock it. Anyway here were my party favs. And since the photographer had these up on his website, he made it easy for me to pick the ones I liked!

I really like the print on this dress. I would have added a red belt
In this pic I love the simple purple dress with the belt
Simple, but classy
Ahhhh I just love the colors, and the layout of this dress. I WANT ONE!
Contradictory outfit, Flowery girl dress with a Rocker Belt
I like the girls' on the left outfit with the lace. I couldn't wear it but it looked cute on her
The girl with the ruffle dress with the black arm straps and the black belt. I love that together!

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