Layers Please?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What I like about layers, is you can be dressed for any weather.  All you have to do is start taking stuff off, if you feel warm, or adding back on if you feel cold.  Lately in my office it's been kind of "warm" but on a typical day the A.C. is on full blast, so even though it's pushin 90degrees outside, I'm still freezing inside.  I really like these dangler earrings, and I haven't worn them in a while, and I felt they matched the colors of my outfit.

Now I'm home from work and it's time to run some errands! So I changed my shoes, removed the cardigan, and the earrings and now I'm ready to go. All of this easily could have been done in the car, if you remember to bring your spare pair of shoes with you. I'm like superwoman about to run all these errands to get ready for my trip this weekend :-p

Cropped Pants: Target
Pumps:  Colin Stuart (Victoria Secret)
Flats: Marc Fisher (Macy's)
Lace Tank:  NY&Co
Black Body Shaper:  NY&Co
Cardigan:  NY&Co

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  1. Love the layering. It's really slenderizing, isn't it.


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