Friday Night - Philadelphia

Monday, May 24, 2010

Friday night I went out with my friends in Philadelphia.  We were going to "multiple" events in which one would have to follow 2 different dress codes.  First we were going to an "UPPN" event in Philly.  Urban Philadelphia Professional Network, in which the dress code is more business since it's a networking event.  This provided a predicament, because after the happy hour we wanted to go out a  lounge, and not be stuck in business outfits.  Options...either pack 2 outfits in your trunk, and hope you can find some place to change in between events, or Option 2, wear 1 outfit that can easily transition from one event to the next.  We chose Option 2, as parking in Philly might prevent one from making multiple trips to their car.
For the networking event I wore a baby doll dress, black pumps and a black cardigan.

I went to the networking events with my friends Torrina and Erin

Then after the networking event we met up with our friends at a sports bar right around the corner and then headed to Moshulu.  Moshulu is my favorite spot in Philadelphia, because it's a club on a ship. 
For Moshulu, I removed the cardigan and changed my shoes.  We did end up having to walk back to the car to change shoes, but that was still easier than doing a whole outfit change.  And with 2 easy steps I was ready to go to a lounge and get my dancin on. 

Ensemble - Me
Platforms - Chinese Laundry (DSW)
Pumps:  Target
Dress:  Target
Cardigan:  NY&Co
Necklace:  Express
Ensemble - Torrina
Dress:  BeBe
Shoes:  Aldo

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