Friday Night Out

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Today was a long day, and even though I told myself I was going to "stay in" this weekend, I ended up going out! But I like going out, because it's the one time I can really dress "like me" without work restrictions.  Tonight we weren't going to a club or a lounge, we ended up at a real chill place called Zimms Martini and Wine Bar. 

I ended up choosing this outfit because it was the fastest. I was at the mall doing some "shopping" in a very cute outfit. Studded skinny jeans, a black t-shirt, and a gray vest...but the mall was so hot, I had to change before going out.  It felt like 80 degrees in the mall, and everyone was complaining. I guess something was wrong with their in it WASN'T ON!

So I came home, grabbed the recently purchased Maxi Dress from Express out of the bag, ripped the tag off, threw on my embellished flip flops, and go to cropped jean vest and ran out the door.  Now it looks easy, but it actually took more time than it sounds! As you can see I kept the jewelry minimal.  My "go-to" rule of thumb is if the top has embellishment, as in the half beads sewn around the top of this dress, I forego a necklace.  At least a big statement necklace.  An everyday chain would have been just fine. 
Maxi Dress:  Express
Flip Flops: Express
Jean Vest:  Don't remember

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