Denim Skirt

Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love jean skirts. I don't think jean skirts can ever go out of style really? I mean the look of them can change, but everyone has a jean skirt...I mean who doesn't. I like them in different shades too. I have a black one, a white one, and a dark blue one.  I'm also 26 and I can still get away with wearing shorter skirts, so I went for it.  I was inspired by going to see Sex and the City 2, where the girls do not shy from showing a little leg, like my favorite dress from the movie:
I liked most of the outfits in the movie. I actually felt pain because I didn't own any of the haute couture outfits...a little birdy told me, that the wardrobe budget for that movie was $10 million dollars...I can believe it! And even though I do not buy high-end clothes, if I had the money I would do it! Just throwing that out

Anyway, my plan for Saturday was just to run some errands and go see this that's what I did :-).  It's been very hot here lately...95+, so the bare minimum in clothing has become a requirement. Yet I still want to look like a lady, and feel appropriate, so to offset the shortness of the skirt, I picked this white T-shirt.  It's a little snug around my tummy, so I put on the vest...because I hate rolls, and if I ask other people not to show rolls, why should I!?!?

Denim Skirt:  Express
Shoes:  American Eagle (Payless)
Top:  Target
Vest:  NY&Co
Necklace:  NY&Co

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