Chill Saturday

Monday, May 10, 2010

So during the day on the weekends I like to dress semi-casually.  I am one of those people, that say "I'm just running to the grocery store real quick and I'll be right back" and wind up at the movies on a date! lol.  So I say you should never not "care" what you are wearing. Don't get me wrong , I do have my sick, frumpy days, and people just have to deal with what they see me in!!  So naturally I had a hair appointment on Saturday, but knew I might be making some "stops" after, so I didn't want to be in lounge/workout clothes, so I chose this.  It's casual enough, and extra comfy with the flats.  And I decided to show that I could dance in this outfit! lol
I like the added affect of the necklace, which takes it from waiter mode, to chic.  And of course my go-to Marc Fisher flats

Jeans: Old Navy
Flats:  Marc Fisher (Macy's)
Shirt:  Target
Vest:  NY&Co
Necklace: NY&Co


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