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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It is a rare occasion for me to support celebrity clothing lines.  I just feel that so many people really want to be involved in fashion, and I think it's a tad unfair that just because your famous you can jump into the fashion industry with your name and money, but those who really want to do it have to struggle.  But I do like Whitney Port and her line "Whitney Eve".  There are muliple reasons for my support of this Reality TV Star.

1.  Whitney did not start off as reality tv star, as the other intern at Teen Vogue when The Hills started she got thrown into the mix with Lauren Conrad and Co, and the rest was history

2.  She was already going for fashion before she started staring in reality shows, and just having the internship at Teen Vogue showed how serious she was about her fashion career

3.  Whitney loves what she does.  Watching the City is all about her various jobs in the business from working for Diane Von Furstenburg, to People's Revolution, to creating her own line.  She is serious about fashion and it's not a money-making, celeb branding scheme for her.

Last night The City (Whitney's TV Show) premiered for its...I want to say 3rd season?? And the episode featured her runway show at Bryant Park during New York Fashion Week this past February.  What amazes me about the show is it was last minute.  Bergdorf Goodman wanted to see more of what she had to offer after her presentation to them, and so Kelly suggested that she be in the People's Revolution Fashion Show at Bryant Park as the 3rd emerging designer.  Not only did she have minimal time to put a show together, which includes, styling, model casting, fittings, etc, she had to add 6 additional pieces to her already 17 piece collection.  The episode shows how she struggled to get things done on time. 

Anyway after watching the episode and seeing her clothes on the runway I really liked them.  After the episode I googled for her site...http://www.whitneyeve.com/.  I think they are great for Spring, the colors, and the designs are fresh and girly.  They have a beachy california feel to them, which is perfect for Spring and Summer.  Whitney has a page on facebook which I fanned. You can find it by searching "Whitney Eve".  I also listed her page as a page favorite on my Facebook Page.  Here are some of her clothes I really liked from her Spring 2010 Collection:


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  1. I really liked these outfits I see posted here...but none of these were on the website. But I guess it wouldn't matter in my case anyway being that a dress was $439 and a blazer was $349...everything was way out of my price range! I don't understand how new and young designers like her can start out w/ prices that high...

  2. Yea they are a little pricey, I agree she needs to come down off of those prices a little bit, especially just starting out. Did you check out her sale section on the website. I'm not sure why these are not on the website. I'm not sure what the lagtime is between runway, and store-ready, but I would probably buy these pieces for special occasion only.

  3. hope you have a great 2011. Thanks for the link, sweetie!
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