Sloppy Work Day

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where:  Office & Sewing Class

Entire outfit including watch is from New York & Company

Today I woke up late for work...bleh...the good thing about my office, is even though I work in "corporate" America I am usually one of the few that "dress-up" for work.  Some of the men in my office wear jeans everyday.  While I tend to keep my jean days to Fridays or days I have to go to our manufacturing plants, I decided today felt like a "Wear Jeans to Work Day", since I was running late.  Of course never wanting to look too casual, I grabbed the first button-downed shirt I saw in my closet. 

I literally bought these sandals weeks ago, but I've had trouble matching them to an outfit. They seem to work best with my skinny jeans, so that's how I plan to incorporate them into my wardrobe.  I felt that they complimented the look well today!  With my button-down I wanted to simulate a man's tie but keep it girlie...hence the black scarf.

The annoying part of this outfit was the shirt, because it wrinkled like none other (hence why I'm stretching it out in the pictures.)  I may have to invest in some starch. Overall I really enjoyed this look, it was comfy,  & sloppy.  Teehee, nothing wrong with a little slop every now and then right??

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