Project Runway Season 7 Finale

Friday, April 23, 2010

Spoiler Alert, if you have not seen the finale, you may not want to read. 

So it's because of my love of Fashion and Project Runway that I decided to pursue sewing classes.  I am sad that this season of Project Runway is over, but I can't wait for the next one.  This is a show that will never get old to me, because I love seeing the creativity of the designers each year.    The final 3 contestants this year were Emilio Sosa, Seth Aaron, and Mila. 

Emilio Sosa
Throughout the competition I've questioned the judges when they made Emilio the winner.  I definitely liked his "line" in the finale better than most of the outfits he made in the competition.  Here are some pictures of his line on the Runway last night:

That blue jacket is my absolute favorite.  I think the Judges were right though, outside of that showstopper dress, his collection I felt has already been done...especially this Red Shift many designers have this look out right now??? You know it's not unique. 

Throughout the competition I felt that Mila always played it safe. She always colorblocked and stuck with white and black.  I didn't feel any of her outfits were "outstanding" and "surprising" but they had sophistication to them. I would wear Mila's outfits, but I wouldn't buy a  lot of her clothes becuase I'm not really into the retro/60's attire.


Seth Aaron
I had the reverse feeling on Seth Aaron's collection. I liked his clothes better throughout the competition then I did on the Runway.  I felt only 2 or 3 of his runway pieces would actually be wearable, but I did love all the colors and crazy mixing with wild tights and leggings!

Overall, I'm happy that Seth Aaron won, his line was the most creative, and we don't need more designers that make the same things, we need innovation.


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