Out on the Town

Sunday, April 11, 2010

After spending 8 hours on Saturday morning running from the eye doctor, to the hair salon, and then to the car dealership (and by the way each one was in a different direction of Houston!) I was exhausted.  But my last stop before I came home was NY&Co. I had to return two items that "Looked ok" in the dressing room, but then when I go home...totally different story...As usual, can I ever just go into a store and return something and not buy something else?  Nope...So my returns became exchanges for this dress and necklace.  I had plans to meet up with my friends later at 8 Lounge on Washington, and I just new this attire would work, and it did!

I've also been a little conscience of my arms, so I've been picking outfits that cover the upperarm more, versus wearing sleeveless clothes.

Dress:  NY&Co
Necklace and Earrings:  NY&Co
Shoes:  Jessica Simpson (Macy's)
Watch:  Michael Kors


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