"My Goals" Update

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hey Everyone,

I know it looks as if I've been slacking on my Fashion Advice Posts.  I do apologize that they have not been coming consistently.  I've really been trying to figure out my next steps moving forward with this blog and my Fashion Page and my role in the Fashion world.  Not only do I like providing styling advice, but I've also had an interest in making my own clothes some day. I've finally made that step to do what I've been wanting to do for a long time.  It's a pretty, small, simple step, but every one gets me closer, right? 

I signed up for a sewing class in my area.  Sewing classes are great, because they teach you how to hem, do basic alterations, follow a pattern, etc.  These are really great skills to have if you find your clothes don't fit you just right.  Tired of paying a Tailor or a Seamstress $15-$30 (OR MORE) for alterations?? Learn to do them yourself.  One time I bought an $11 dollar dress from Burlington Coat Factory, but spent $30 dollars having it altered.  Till this day I'm still amazed that my alterations cost more than the dress itself! 

Just knowing how to sew will not be enough for me, because I'd still be sewing someone else's patterns, and I want to design my own. So after the sewing class I'm taking a design and patternmaking class.  I will keep all of you updated on my progress.  More "clothes" blogs soon!


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