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Sunday, April 18, 2010

It's funny how one season you totally hate something, and then the next season you love it. Your fashion taste changes just like anything else.  Last year I hated Maxi dresses. I felt they weren't flattering at all, and to be honest a bit matronly...but for some reason this year they are "different."  The truth is they aren't different at all, but I'm looking at them from a different angle.  Maxi dresses can be sexy, and there are many variations of maxi dresses: Tube, Strap, Halter, etc.   If you haven't noticed by now, I'm pretty top-heavy, so I tend to stay away from halter tops because they put a lot of strain on my neck.   But even avoiding Halters does not stop me from having trouble dressing my top half when it comes to accessories, as seen below:

As you can see my necklace got caught around my chest, which happens a lot for me.  I refuse to let this stop me from wearing long necklaces.
My fix: Pin the necklaces to my tops with tiny safety pins, that are unnoticeable.  
I also don't wear tube tops without straps.  I'm actually wearing a regular bra with this outfit, but picked the Jean Vest to cover the straps.  I find it very hard to have support with strapless bras.

I picked this outfit to wear to my friend's birthday party. She let me know that it wasn't "fancy" and would be more of a Summer dress atmosphere. When I think of Summer dresses I envision flip flops, as if on the beach, hence my choice in flip flop wear.  Maxi dresses also work with gladiator sandals, heeled sandals, espadrilles, and other wedges.  Here is the dress with Sandals (heeled)
Necklace:  NY&Co
Flip Flops:  J. Crew
Sandals:  Guess by Marciano (Macy's)
Dress: Old Navy
Jean Cropped Vest:  Don't remember, but I think Charlotte Russe
Earrings: Vendor at Shecky's Girls' Night Out
Frames:  Michael Kors


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  1. I love this on you. Your dad saw it and thinks you look very nice also.

  2. Thanks! I'm definitely going to purchase more!!


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