Houston Women's Show - The Event

Monday, April 26, 2010

Culmination of 2 days of shopping, browsing, and networking at the Houston Women's Show

Friday Night Preview Show
Let's talk about Friday Night.  Friday night was just the preview party, but you could still buy stuff that night too. All the vendors were there, and there was free wine-tasting, chocolate tasting, and free food. I killed some cookies, corn dip, nacho's and cheese, spinach and artichoke dip...I could go on...
This is me after I bought my permanent lipstick in the Co-Co Color
 I went to the preview party with Liz and Jessica:

Sunday - Last Day
Saturday I was at iFest and did not attend the Women's show. I went back for their final day on Sunday with Valerie and Jessica.  I wore the set of jewery that I purchased from iFest.
This time for make-up I got airbrushed.  I swear I almost bought the airbrush beginner kit for $180, but I just couldn't justify it...but it was so light and it looked so perfect...MAN that will definitely be a "future" purchase.  Val and I also had every intention on stopping by one of these seminars, but we got so caught up in buying stuff and lost track of time! lolol

Jane Iredale
Sample Foundation $7.00 in Mink color. It's a mineral foundation and ever since I ran out of my Bare Escentuals I have been looking for a replacement

Sassy Sweets Jewelry - http://www.shopsassysweet.com/
The black flower is a ring, and big rings are really in right now.  I love the light blue of the necklace and the earrings, and I've been needing a purse-holder for sometime now. They are great! They fold flat and stay in your purse, but when you go out to eat you flip the top around and it hangs off the table like a hook and you just hang your purse from it!
Homemade Gourmet  - www.homemadegourmet.com/Denice13718
Taco Soup Mix. You can either make it as a soup, or as a dip! They had the dip out as a sample, and it was oh so good.  Denice told me that she made the dip using healthy versions of what it called for...i.e. low fat sour cream, etc.  I'm going to make it for my next hosting event.
Pop Tops Jewelry - http://www.thepoptopgirls.com/
These ladies make their jewelry out of everything from poker chips, to dominoes, to bathroom tiles...very unique. You pick the charm that you want and then choose the chain.  I really liked the irridescent black chain.

Lipstick Master - http://www.lipstickmaster.net/
Permanent Lipstick.  Tired of reapplying your lipstick all day long? What this company has created is pricey but worth it. It's more of a "paint" lipstick and the color lasts all day. You only need to reapply gloss to keep it shiny as needed.
Not sure who the vendor is...Can't find the card...once I do I will update this postI tend to stay away from boutiques because I've never been able to fit into boutique clothing, but this store located in Dallas, Texas actually fit me!! Too bad they are located in Dallas and they don't have online ordering. Oh well I guess this gives me an excuse to go to Dallas! I really loved this shirt.  It actually buttons up right across the left breast, and I love it's asymmetric patterns.  It was $37.00 and when you made a purchase you received a free bracelet. I chose red, as I do not have many red pieces in my jewelry collection.  I also tried on the dress too, but it was out of my budget for the day.
Grace's Treasure Hunt
Looking for Vintage Jewelry? Look no further. I bought this Lucite Necklace from the 60s for $22. It's value was $50.  The only things is the earrings are clip-on, but it came as a set and I fell in love with the necklace, and Lucite accessories are in right now, so why not have a vintage piece?  The turquoise and black piece I really loved. I'm going to find beach wear to match, as I specifically bought this to wear on my cruise in June to the Cayman Islands.
Sensaria Natural Body Care - www.mysensaria.com/arimek
Last but not least I bought body butter from the Sensaria ladies. I really wanted their almond one, but they were all out, so I settled for the Green Tea, which still smells great.

Honorable Mentions
Essential Bodywear - http://www.myessentialbodywear.com/dot%20- These bras fit perfectly and were great for top-heavy girls like myself, but they were just a little bit out of my price range from $60 on up. 

Katie's Kloset - http://www.shopkatieskloset.com/- I loved this jewelry. Most of it was made out of metal, and mesh metals, but once again out of my price range on jewelry. I don't spend a lot of money on jewelry because I tend to lose it.


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