Easter Sunday

Sunday, April 04, 2010

First and foremost Easter is not about the Easter bunny, or about what dress you wear, but it is a religious holiday celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Yet, ever since I was a little girl, Easter Sunday has always been a time for a girl to show up and show out at church.  Of course when I was younger this meant, frilly white dresses, white tights, with ribbons and bows in my hair...I'm sure I can scrounge up a picture somewhere of me younger at Easter.

Now as an adult, I still like to look extra special to go to church on Easter, and why not?  Easter is a great joyous celebration, and should be treated as such.  You'd get dressed up to go to someone's party wouldn't you?  Yet this year I procrastinated in finding my Easter dress...to the point of shopping the day before.  This did not leave me very many options, as I feel every woman in Houston had the same idea.  Finally I found a cute dress at New York & Company. It wasn't as dressy as I wanted it to be, so I decided to bling it up with some accessories.

I went back and forth on a pair of shoes for a long time.  Normally I would have opted for my cutest, highest heels, but on days like this, I was pretty sure that I'd be waiting outside before my 10:45 service began...so I opted for embellished, wedged, flats.  I opted correctly.  After 30 minutes of standing outside in slight drizzle I entered the sanctuary, without sore legs, or feet!! :)

Dress, Belt, Jewelry, Shades:  New York and Company
Shaw:  White House Black Market
Shoes:  Payless (Circa few years back)
I also had on a white watch not shown in the picture.

Happy Easter Everyone!!


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