Complimentary Colors

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Where:  To Work
Pants:  NY&Co
Top: JcPenny's
Heels:  Open-toe "Me Toos" (DSW)
Vest:  NY&Co

Complimentary Colors...what else is there to say about them, besides the fact that they go together.  Blue and Orange, Red and I chose yellow and purple.  As you can see I'm not afraid to stand out in the office.  I love clothes, and I don't plan on wasting them by letting them sit in my closet.  However, it would be a lot easier to dress if I worked in the Fashion industry because then I could get a way with cute dresses.  Can't wear dresses above the knee at my job...well at least you're not supposed too :-p. 

Because of the restrictions on my dress (fully understood, working in corporate America), I try to find other ways to add creativity to my work wardrobe.  Ruffle shirts, bright colors, bold accessories, stand-out hand bags, & cute heels.


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  1. Yellow and Purple is my favorite combination!

    Go Vikes!! ;)

  2. Ahaha, that's right! I guess I was representing yesterday!

  3. I like the combination of yellow and purple. It looks really great.

  4. I hear you. The day I went for my job interview at my current job. I was in a skirt suit of course My boss to be told me not to wear skirts to work. Well after about two years I rebelled and started wearing skirts and dresses. My outfits were going to waste sitting in my closet. I still have a lot of clothes in my closet that I rarely wear though because of the nature of my work. O well
    Kemi at

  5. Yea no one has time for these rule restrictions. Now I can see not looking trashy, but a skirt suit...sheesh it's 2011!!


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