Casual Friday II - Accessorizing Prints

Friday, April 02, 2010

Had I actually made it into work today, this was the outfit I had picked out for work...yet I spent the first half of the day at the dentist office, and then spent the second half knocked out with pain medicines for the pain ensued at the dentist office. 

Usually every Friday at my job, it's casual dress. I don't know if your job is like this, but mine is.  Actually I wear jeans whenever I have to go to the field with my job.  Try going through swamps to determine a route for a pipeline in heels and a dress! Anyway so the key item is the pair of jeans.  Jeans are the easiest thing to make an outfit from.  There isn't too much that Jeans don't work with
I knew I had a Happy Hour to go to after work, so I didn't want to look "too casual".  I picked a light material "faux-turtleneck" top.  The print on the top is pink, gray, and black.  Some people try to stay clear of accessorizing if they have a heavy printed shirt.  I think any printed tops work well with solid color accessories.  The two work best if you match your solid color accessory to one of the colors in the print.  I chose to wear the gray necklace. 
Last but not least I knew for the Happy Hour that we would be sitting outside on the patio, so I added the jacket, just in case it was a little windy, and flats for comfort.

Jeans:  Old Navy
Flat:  Marc Fisher (Macy's)
Top:  Target
Jacket:  JcPenny
Necklace:  Don't Remember (DR)


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  1. I love the outfit and the hair and make-up is very becoming. Your make-up actually caught my attention first but the look is so pulled together.

  2. Thanks! I'm trying out different makeup styles too. I call this the pastel face for Spring!


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