Case of the Fridays

Friday, April 23, 2010

This week I've worn jeans 3 times to work, (Versus my keep it only for Friday "Rule")

Where:  Office
Jeans:  Lucky Brand (Lucky Outlet)
Shoes:  Target
Tank Top:  NY&Co
Shirt Jacket:  NY&Co
Belt:  Don't Remember

This outfit answers the age-old question of belt on top of "cardigan" or belt under "cardigan".  Even though this isn't a cardigan, I feel this question works for this outfit.  My answer is either way works.  I decide based on the jacket/cardigan.  If the cardigan is form-fitting and tight to the body, you probably don't need to wear the belt on the outside.  In this case the jacket was a fly away and didn't provide much shape.  I wanted to portray the hourglass figure, so I chose to wear the belt on the outside. Don't get me wrong I stood in front of the mirror this morning and tried it on both ways mulitple times.  In the end, wearing the belt on the outside prevailed!

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