Spring Shoe Trends

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

As much as some of us do not want to be trend-followers, trends do set the tone for being in style...at least temporarily. I like to take a new trend and still make it my own. And even better I choose not to do some trends at all (like the menswear shoes below)! Do not wear something just because a magazine or designer says it's the new "In". One needs to be able to make the decision between what really works for their body, and their style and what works for the runway/celebrities/and those who work in the fashion industry.

In my latest fashion research, the spring shoes have really come a long way. No longer are we stuck with the basic flip flop, mule thong sandal, and jellies (thank goodness...I did NOT do the jellies trend.) Now we can have winter all summer long. From cuffs, to straps, to cut-out, I think my shoe wardrobe is about to triple!

Stores used for pictures: Nine West, Bakers, Payless
To find these shoes also try shopping at Aldos, DSW, Marshalls, Macy's and Target





Out of all these trends, I do not care for the menswear and the embellished shoes, but that's just my opinion.  Those shoes to me stand out from my own style and I don't "think" I'd wear them.  That's not to say, if I don't come across a cute outfit that uses those shoes, I wouldn't wear them...I'd just have to check them out first.  That's also not to deterr you from buying those shoes. If you have cute outfit ideas for those shoes, go for it!

My favorite are the caged shoes. I love all those straps. I can't wait to go out and buy a pair! I can already imagine outfits for these shoes, and the cuffed shoes.  For the cuffed shoes I envision cute jean shorts with a casual tank, light scarf and a pair of cuffed flip flops.  If you need help choosing an outfit to wear with one of these spring trends and shoes, shoot me a message on here, or on my FB page.

Good Luck with your Spring Shoe Shopping!


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  1. tell us about jeans! how to find the right jeans for your body type :)

  2. Actually I had heard of some websites where you can custom your jeans. I will write a blog about this.

  3. I agree-not a fan of the menswear!! I like that there are options besides flip flops...I'll have to go shopping hehe

  4. What do you do when you dont like any of the "in" styles? Cuz none of those are doing it for me. The problem I have usually is either a) I hate the "in" trend or b) it does NOT work on my figure. What then?

  5. Amy,

    Don't worry about following the "in" trend. A way to mitigate the "what's hot now" is to stick with basics that never go out of style. Just because you don't like the cuffed flip flop, doesn't mean you can't wear a regular flip flop. And if you don't like the strappy pumps, regular pumps work. I posted this just to give everyone an idea of what they would see when they go shopping, by no means do you have to follow these. Stick with the staples:)


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