RODEO HOUSTON - Brooks and Dunn

Monday, March 22, 2010

On Saturday, I went to the Houston rodeo, and not the rodeo that is the name of the entire month-long event that happens in March, but to the ACTUAL rodeo part. There are multiple rounds of the rodeo, so there are rodeo events every night.  Just like any other game or sporting competition the winners of each round get to move onto the next round.  Because there are so many rounds, there are rodeo events every night. At the end of the rodeo events there's always a concert.  The concert performers range from top country artists to pop starts.  I was gifted seats to the Brooks & Dunn concert, and even though I'm not a Brooks & Dunn fan, I had never been to the rodeo so I said yes to get the experience.   Apparently it was their last concert together as an act, so a lot of their fans were there.  I have to say I had fun at the rodeo but there was something that I didn't like. During the bareback racing competition one of the horse fell on it's rider.  Both the horse and the cowboy were injured and had to be taken out on stretchers.  The rider ended up having a broken leg, but the horse was injured beyond recovery and had to be put to sleep.  I was pretty pissed about hearing this on the news the next day, and I'm not sure if I'll be attending the rodeo again. 

Despite the sad incident, I did have some fun putting together an outfit. This is what I wore. I tried to channel some western style.

My original plan was to go out and buy a pair of cowgirl boots to fit in...but then I didn't feel like spending $200 bucks for boots I'd probably only wear once or twice a year. This is the Cost Per Use conundrum that you should remind yourself of when shopping. I probably will still buy a pair, but some cheap ones from Macy's or something. It worked out because it ended up being a rainy night at the Rodeo and I wouldn't have wanted to wear $200 boots in the rain...

So my second choice for boots were my rain boots. Rain boots are not the most attractive footwear, but they get the job done in the rain.  With rain boots I like to tuck in my pants, so I knew I was going to wear skinny jeans that would fit comfortably inside.  I still wanted to have that "slight" taste of western wear so I picked out a button down shirt, and paired it with a purple scarf.  This was the end of the outfit and then I remembered it was raining and threw on the hat.  A hat is a good go-to for rainy days, either wear it in the rain, or if your hair gets wet, you can throw on a hat to hide your "wet-dog" hair.

Hat: Gift from Sister // Scarf: New York & Company // Shirt: Target // Boots: Roxy (DSW) // Jeans: New York & Co.

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