Rock Concert

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sooo....I don't always get it right.  Thursday night I went to the Muse Concert, which was also my first ROCK concert ever.  Under the impression that  to go to a rock concert one needs to look like a rocker chick, I went all out....

As soon as my friend Gaby and her husband came to pick me up, I knew I was in trouble.  They were both in denim bottoms, her in a tank and him a t-shirt. Than we arrived at the concert and I could see all the concert goers...most in jeans and a t-shirt...Now normally I don't care if I stand out, I mean that's the whole point of having your own style right? To stand out in a crowd? But...this was my first Rock Concert, and I kind of just wanted to fit in.  So Gaby told me she was bringing some rock band t-shirts with her, so in her car I changed into a System of a Down shirt, took off the necklace and the bangles, and then felt MUCH better!

For my first look:
Tank:  NY&Co
Leggings:  NY&Co
Jacket:  NY&Co
Shoes:  Target
Bangles:  combination of many....
Necklaces:  stole from target shirt that came with them


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