Preparing for the Seasonal Shopping Trip

Monday, March 01, 2010

For us here in the south, it seems as though winter is starting to come to an end. Hopefully this will happen soon for those of you up north. In preparation for Spring, it is time to go shopping!!!  If you have been to the malls lately you have noticed that the spring and summer attires are already popping up , and the chill is barely out of the air!

Whether you follow trends die-heartedly or not, if you go shopping now you will be influenced by Fashion Week.  Most retail stores take what the designers do on the runway and make it more manageable for everyday people (us...the non-kate moss). So even if you think you aren't following a probably are...unless you are buying vintage...

How to prepare for a Seasonal Shopping Trip?
1.  Gather the Stash.
What is stash you say?  Stash is my word for everything fashion. From catalogs, coupons, magazines, emails, fashion blogs, websites, etc...Anything that you use to help you make informed decisions on clothes.

2.  Go through the Stash.
Read through the stash, flag what you like, even make note of what you don't like.  This is fun! I love going through and seeing everything I want to buy, and thinking of different outfits I can do.  Also think of vacations that you are planning to go on and what you will need for those outings.

3.  Recognize Celeb/Model Wear from Your Wear
 Ok...just because Rihanna has it on...does not mean you can pull it off.  Just because Beyonce is rocking some $200K pair of earrings doesn't mean you need to go drop a load on a pair of danglers.  AND THE UTMOST RULE:  JUST BECAUSE THE MODEL ON THE RUNWAY HAS IT ON, DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD WEAR HER ATTIRE.  Models on the runway are dolled up and played up to stand out. To make that designer's runway show as outlandish as possible.  For instance, the Victoria Secret Fashion Show features wings...I doubt you will be roaming around with wings at work.

4.  Create Shopping List
Based on your picks write down the items, make note of the store that is listed with the item. Don't be afraid to right down that pair of Jimmy Choo heels.  Odds are you can find a similar looking heel cheaper at Aldo, etc.  The point is to know what you want.

5.  Don't forget your clothes
Yes ladies, I do recycle my clothes. It may not look like it but I do.  Somewhere you have stored your spring and summer clothes from last year.  It's time to go find that storage.  Check and see what you have. Try stuff on see if it still fits.  Knock items off of your list that you already have, and may have forgotten about.  Honestly ladies, jean shorts don't change from summer to summer. Odds are your shorts from last year will carry you through this summer too. 

6.  Have a budget in mind
Now that you have slimmed your list with the stuff you already own, it's time to think of how much you want to spend overall on this shopping list.  Make a shopping allowance.  Whether it's $100 or $500. Know what you are willing to spend.   You do not have to buy everything all at once. You can buy some now, and some things later. The basics will be there the whole summer...they will not run away.  And since you took note of the store that has the item you want, check for coupons. 

7.  Last but not least - Go Shopping
I like to one-stop shop. I prefer malls, outlet malls & shopping plazas.  I don't have time to drive all over the place.  This is easy for me because most of our stores in Houston are in the suburbs. If you live in Manhattan, you more than likely will be taxing or walking around from store to store.

Good Luck Ladies! Spring is Coming!!!


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  1. Thanks for the great advice. I will definitely use your tips as I get ready for the summer.


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