Oscars Best and Worst Dressed

Monday, March 08, 2010

A fashionista's life is not complete, until she watches an Academy Award Red-Carpet. This entry is to share my likes and dislikes from the most celebrated-red carpet event in the world.  The 82nd Annual Academy Awards! (Oscars for cool people)

My top 3 Best Dressed for the Oscars 2010

Does Penelope Cruz ever get it WRONG?  This dress is perfection! From the architecture to the color. I love it. She wins the Best Dressed Award for me!

Anna Kendricks (you may recognize her from a fairly popular Twilight movie! and now starring in "Up in the Air")  I love this dress on her. I love romantic dresses for the Oscars.  This color is great and the dress is very whimsical, very appropriate for the Oscars.  Her purse is the perfect touch.

Vera Farmiga (George Clooney's co-star in "Up in the Air").  At first I thought "I don't like it".  A little too much ruffle-rouche for me.  But then watching the gown move on the red carpet, and when she was on stage giving a speech about George Clooney for his Best Actor nomination, I decided I love this dress!

My Picks for WORST DRESS
Sometimes I think she does it on purpose.  How is the appropriate for the Academy Awards Mariah? I just don't like it.  It's like half the dress is trying to be short and the rest of it just wasn't cut right, and her chest looks like it can't breathe....Worst Dress Award goes to Mariah...again!

Diane, Diane, Diane....what is this? It's half wedding, half halloween, half SCARY!  Pretty lady, horrible dress...ugh...

Molly Ringwald should have came with a dress from the 80s, might have looked better. I don't like the hair, nor the dress. I don't like anything about this. What is that big embellishment on her waist?  Is she trying to be a cowgirl!?!?

My other Contenders for Best Dressed
Demi Moore, I love the dress, I think it's a little young for you, but good job! The color and the ruffles and the bow. Love it!  Guiliana (E. Host) I love this dress much better than the first one she had on the red carpet.  This is gorgeous!

I do like the dress that Cameron is wearing.  I like the cluster of beading at the top and then how it disperses as the dress continues.  Tina Fey got it right this time in a Michael Kors gown.  This is much better than that get-up she had on at the Golden Globes!

Queen Latifah looks amazing.  This is the perfect example of the perfect dress for the perfect body.  This dress is very sliming on her.  Amanda Seyfreid. Although this dress could resemble bubble-wrap like J-Lo's the decisiveness in the skirt gives it red carpet status

Miley Cyrus has had a really great red carpet year. Her dress at the Grammy's was so great for her. I love this dress too.  Nudes, Neutrals, and Pastel Pink seem to be the theme for the Oscars.  Kate Winslet always knows how to dress for her curvers, and this is no exception

Other Contenders for Worst Dressed

Maggie are we at the beach? Or the Oscars?  And Rachel McAdams...this dress just washes you out.  I think I like the dress but it would have been better with your dark hair.  Pretty much from here it looks like a headless dress because I can't see you!

My Facebook friend said it best in her status..."Is Jen wearing bubble wrap?" The dress would have been perfect minus the hemorrage on the side.  Kathy Ireland??  Miss America or Academy Awards.  This dress screams beauty pagent.

SJP aka Carrie, the top of this dress is amazing, I just wish it had more shape...it looks like a pillow case.  Sandy?  To receive an oscar or be the oscar?  I just don't like all this shiny...it's tacky to me.  But her hair and makeup are flawless.  Congrats on your Oscar!

Faith Hill doesn't know if she was trying to be sultry or vampish.  I do not like the lace cut-outs on this dress....Zoe! One of my fav actresses.  I would have loved this dress if it didn't split in the front! If anyone saw her walk on the red carpet or when she presented you would know what I'm talking about...

Well that's all folks! It's officially time to say goodnight to Award Season!

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  1. Love the comments!!! Some were really so funny especially the comment about Rachel McAdams dress and Jennifer Lopez's dress. I absolutely loved Anna Kendrick's dress--everything about it!!! Great commentary


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