Dressing for Your Body

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

The key is knowing how to dress for your bodytype.  I woke up this morning and decided being a "thick" girl isn't half bad...at least I have some curves, so why not show them off!? Hahaha.  The key item for today was the skirt. The skirt is a pencil skirt, made to hug on the rump and the hips, but peel away on the legs. I wanted to wear a skirt today because it was a high of 75 degrees!!.  To compliment the skirt I picked a solid-color button-down.  I liked this shirt because the buttons didn't go all the way down the shirt, just halfway.  I chose not to wear a jacket, because that would hide the curves. Without the jacket I could use the belt as my added feature.  The belt pulls it all together, not only does it stops the shirt from lifting out of the skirt (along with the tuck in your undergarments trick) but it gives the 2 pieces (skirt and shirt) unity.  Last but not least I grabbed my Colin Stuart Mary Janes.

Sunglasses:  Fendi
Bag: Target
Belt:  NY&Co
Shirt:  Ny&Co
Skirt:  Don't remember
Shoes:  Colin Stuart (Victoria Secret Shoe Catalog)
Necklace:  Gift Shop @ Franklin Institute in Philadelphia for King Tut Exhibit

Ladies, be extra careful when wearing high heels to work! You don't want to trip!

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  1. I love this look! Do you have any advice on skirt length? For us short people, we always have to get them tailored and I never know where it should sit. Thanks!!

  2. Hi Letty,

    Actually you can wear knee-length skirts. The key is to wear a high heel shoe to elongate your legs. For instance Eva Longoria is 5'2, check out this picture of her on the red carpet http://shoes.about.com/od/imagegalleries/ig/Celebrity-Shoes/Eva-Longoria.-1Cf.htm.

    If you do not want to wear high heels, I would recommend staying away from the knee length. As a petite, your hem length should fall between the bottom of your thigh and just above the knee. Just above the knee would be more appropriate for work :)


  3. I love the look ,too and thanks for the advice for short people.


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