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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The weather in Houston is still breaching 75 degrees everyday, and in that case I still want to wear skirts.  Now this is definitely more of a fall/winter skirt, as it's a heavy wool/cotton mixture.  But me, who doesn't really care about seasonal wear, chose to wear this skirt anyway. Another button-down to keep it professional. I chose the minimal color in the skirt  (black) and to pick the color of the top, making black the new dominate color. Randomly playing with my belts in my closet I thought the Maroon looked cool, so I went with that one.  Last but not least I added the chain necklace.  The most interesting part of this outfit, is I received more compliments today on this skirt from TARGET, than I have any other piece of clothing, I've worn in the last 3 months.  Spending a lot of money on clothes is not necessary to look good!
Skirt:  Target
Shirt: NY&Co
Shoes: Target
Belt: NY&Co
Necklace: Don't remember

3 different ways for this outfit
1. The outfit works with or without a belt...your choice
2.  Collar down.  The picture in the middle is of me at Benjy's.  After work I met up with friends for a Happy Hour.
3. Collar up, gives a punch of power to the outfit

Here is a picture of my friend Jess at Benjy's.  For her look see below:

Shirt:  Banana Republic
Sweater Shawl:  Express
Jeans: Couldn't Remember Name
Leopard Shoes: Target


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  2. I love the look, especially the color of the belt and that skirt. What can I say? It's great.

  3. Popped collar = negative. Love the rest though.

  4. I hear that often, and I'm curious why people are opposed to the popped collar?


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